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Beijing Streetlight
On at 4:58pm & off at 7:22am
Totally duration of 14 hours and 22 minutes between the two moment, speak it louder to people in the street about this situation by a megaphone.
December 21st, 2009

Charger Project
Charger, battery, electrical outlet
Constructed situation in a gallery

A roll of white tape on a PVC tube
1.85m in height

Pingpong balls, glue, 50cm in diameter


Transparency is Wrong

1:30 mins, 3D animation
1:2.35 film format, projected
Dimension variable

Ma Yongfeng's new animation pieces take very mundane subject matter and transform them into seemingly heavenly objects, Transparency is Wrong is animation projection of flying circular objects, uniform in color and shape, only on closer examination does one realize these are overblown chinese chess pieces floating endlessly in space, weightless and outside the temporal and spatial parameters of human life.

Climatic Silence
Collected snow from outside
Vermont, USA


Transparency is Wrong #01
Digital photography
150x352 cm

Transparency is Wrong #02
Digital photography
150x352 cm

The Cretaceous Period
Two-channel video installation
ArtSway, Hampshire, UK


Becoming Landscape
light box installation
Platform China, Beijing


Storm Model
Single channel video installation, projected
Platform China, Beijing


Beijing Zoological Garden
27mins, Tri-channel video installation, projected
With sound, dimension variable
Platform China, Beijing

Two Skating Girls
9min 52sec
Single channel video installation


Confrontation Exercises
3min 25sec
Single channel video installation
MoMA PS1, New York


The Swirl
15min 6sec
Single channel video installation
Kunstmuseum Bonn & MoMA PS1,New York

Warmth of Umbrella
Thermos bottle, electric wire, umbrella stand & heater